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The Road Ahead

Hi friends!

A solid New Year's resolution is to not apologize for getting behind on updates. I'm not so much late for the Year in Review, as I am just… VERY on top of summer.

So, let’s take 2015 as read, shall we? Good? Good.

Here are things you should know about.


Back around the first of the year, Charles (dRachEmUsiK) & I released A Picture of the Sky, the third and last of the EP’s of our 2014 live improvisations. A few remain of the super nifty handmade art edition CDr’s, or of course you can get it digitally. Check it out HERE.

Johnny James and the Indeterminates is a new collaboration between me and a bunch of veteran Erie underground scene friends, and the improv noise-rock alter ego/reincarnation of the sadly-defunct Johnny James and the Absolutes. We first got together last fall as a one-off for a local gig with some touring bands from Japan, and then in typical fashion, we decided to keep it. We’ve played four or five gigs, in Erie and Pittsburgh, and we also spent a couple nights in the studio. The highlights of which we’ve released as Cacophony Abstracto, which you can check out HERE.

A couple of cool things coming up…



For a few years at the electro-music festival, I had an ongoing collaboration called Sound of Listening, which each year gathered a different group of people I’d never played with, with the aim of being spontaneously minimal.  2014’s edition consisted of myself, John Morley (Lux Seeker), Aaron Todd (Genetique), and Joe Wall (Joe Wall), and…  we GOT it.  To such an extent that we decided we needed to name this thing and do it again next year.

(I sense a recurring theme in my life…)

We’ve called ourselves Hypogeum.  And at electro-music 2015, we tried it again, and got a very different result that we were (thankfully) equally pleased with.  So, we’re releasing a live document of these two performances, entitled Anticline.  Which is being released digitally by the Ethereal Live netlabel (who also released Astral Bridges last year for me and Jez), and also in a limited-run screenprinted CDr edition by my Onomastic label.  Real soon.  Any day now.  Watch this space.

Also… DC-area friend Jason Mullinax put out a very cool album last year called Home World.  He’s invited several artists to remix tracks from that record, including myself, Chester Hawkins, Chris Videll and lots of others, and is releasing the results as System Restore:  Home World Misremembered.  Jason is premiering the release this Sunday with our friends The Irrelevant Show on WMUC (College Park, MD).  Details on the radio release party are HERE.


Next week, I'll be heading out to Charles Shriner's studio in Indianapolis to work on the next onewayness + dRachEmUsiK collaboration.  This will be our third full-length collaboration, following The Sound of Thunder in 2012, and Immeasurable in 2014.  It’s now about a year after we’d initially planned to get together for this, but life’s intervened for both of us.  So, we’re very excited to get to work, and feeling positive about the initial directions things seem to be taking.

No major extended touring plans for the spring & early summer, but I’ve got a couple little micro-jaunts.  I’m heading back to Canada, for shows in Guelph and Toronto the weekend of April 30-May 1, and to Philadelphia to play the Event Horizon series at the Rotunda the first weekend in June.  (And still waiting on some additional possibilities for that trip.)

And of course, there are cool local things happening here in Erie.  My electroFLUX experimental music series has struck up a good relationship with Erie Ale Works to do interesting shows there, about monthlyish.  We’ve got Bonnie Kane and Dei Xhrist this Thursday 3/31, Chatoyant and Jack Wright on April 13, and An Atomic Whirl from Japan on May 7.  And always interesting local artists on those shows, which often, but not always, includes me in one  configuration or another.  And beer!  And food trucks.  It’s like your buddy’s super-awesome garage.  Come hang.  Oh, and stop by to see what’s up next.


And finally, work continues in fits and starts on the next solo record.  Which, I’ll tell you is going to be called Random Oracle.  You heard it here first.  And the plan is to have it out before 2016 is through.  I mean it.

Thanks as always for listening.  Keep an eye on for the latest, feel free to stay in touch on Facebook / Twitter / Instagram to see where I am and what I'm up to, and hope to see you all soon.

Love & Oscillators,