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Summer Plans

Hi everyone. 

Been quiet here on the blog, because I've been busy out in the world, I hope you understand. Made it home in one piece from last week's little Midwestern tour, which I think was a great success. Saw lots of old friends, made lots of new ones, had one of my favorite gigs ever in St. Louis, and played some nice sets all around. 

Lots in the works at the moment - I'm prepping a new piece for the Kutztown Univ. Computer Music & Visualization Conference next week.  This is a cool event being put on by electro-music friend Dale Parson in the Kutztown Planetarium, which will have video artists projecting on the big dome, and 5.1 surround sound. So, I'm trying to work up something that will make the most of the spatial capabilities of the place.

Also working on preparations for the next live film scoring event with my group Celluloid Liberation Orchestra, which is a week later on the 19th.  We played the first two installments of the 20s French crime serial Fantômas over the winter. This will be the third, with parts 4&5 to follow later in the summer. Trying to do the whole series with the same lineup before guitarist Jack Rys heads off to college in the fall. It's sort of a 'composed improv' process, with some recurring motifs, and text cues (written by me) indicating key and overall vibe of individual sections.

This week also, we're kicking things off at a new space for experimental shows in Erie, the Erie Ale Works.  They're the newest and tiniest of Erie's craft breweries, and they have a cool funky little raw industrial warehouse-type space that I think will be a lot of fun. Co-owner Steve is a fellow weirdo who's been supportive of the events I've been putting on, and came to me with the idea of using their space, and we're all pretty excited about it. Our first show is this Sunday the 7th, with touring friends Spreaders and Matt Luczak, myself, and local friends Wave Trails. And then later in the summer, we'll have my old pals Pas Musique there. Which will be extra nice, as they haven't been to Erie since the very first show I put on back in 2012.

And there's much more, but that'll do for now. Stay tuned!