handmade music for machines

A new look...

Hi all, and welcome to the new and improved It's a work in progress, but looks nice for now I think.

Very excited to be heading out to the west coast in a few weeks with Charles Shriner (dRachEmUsiK). We'll be playing the inaugural San Francisco Fog Music Festival, which is being organized by our friend Jack Hertz.


Wednesday the 28th, Charles plays a solo set. Thursday the 29th, I play a solo set (and Charles has a separate gig at the Luggage Store Gallery). Friday the 30th, we play a duo set. Saturday the 31st, we're heading down the coast to Santa Cruz to play a very cool looking venue called the Art Bar, and then Sunday we're doing a live radio performance that I don't have all the details of yet. Will be my first time attempting to fly with gear, which is a little intimidating. But should be a fun trip. Watch this space for updates!