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Fall 2016

Hi guys, it's me.

The seasons are changing, so it must be time again for me to tell you about another new release and another tour.


Mirrors to the Bonfire, the latest collaboration from the critically acclaimed duo of onewayness (Adam Holquist/Erie, PA) and dRachEmUsiK (Charles Shriner/Indianapolis, IN), replaces the exuberance and emotional optimism of their last full-length, 2014’s Immeasurable, with emotional ambiguity and complexity, swapping comfort and joy for unsettling, but ultimately rewarding, drama and melancholy.

Mirrors to the Bonfire is a series of meditations on human feedback and the powers of interpersonal interaction. The three long tracks sculpt a polished narrative of conflict and resolution that cycles in and out of warm nostalgia and dark, uncharted territory. Dark analog drones and electroacoustic concrète clatter give way to extended melodic duo explorations for acoustic guitar & electronic wind instrument.

Charles (dRachEmUsiK) & I have a brand new album called Mirrors to the Bonfire.  You can read about it above, and check it out HERE.  We're really pleased with it.  A definite continuation of our previous efforts, but also a departure in some ways I think.  We found some new ways of working that created some really lovely results.  We're looking forward to people hearing it, and looking forward to getting out and playing some of this music.

The Hypogeum album I mentioned last time still isn't officially "out" via Ethereal Live, mainly due to them currently being based in the outback of Western Australia with limited internet access.  But I've got physical copies (and the other guys do too), which look super cool.  I'll have them at all upcoming shows, so come get one.  Or if you can't make it out, holla atcha boy and we'll work something out.  


Literally as I'm typing this, Charles has just released Tacopocalypse, a set of live improvisations we played with Aaron Urbanski and Jason Breitigan back in 2012 on the last night at bela dubby, a great Cleveland bar / cafe / noise venue, which closed the next day to become a taco joint.  Dig it HERE.  It's actually the first time Charles & I ever played together, and also about a block away from the venue where we'll play on Tuesday.  Which segues us nicely into...


Once again this year, I'll be hitting the road for some dates surrounding the electro-music festival in upstate New York.  This time, I'm going to be joined by both Charles Shriner (dRachEmUsiK) and Jez Creek (Modulator ESP).  Charles & I are doing a couple duo dates leading up to electro-music, and Jez has one solo date later on in the run.  But for the remainder of the shows, we're going to play in continuously varying solo/duo/trio configurations.  And we've got several epic radio sets happening as well, so even if you're not in the area, do try to tune in.  Details are below, or on the Facebook event HERE.

TUE 9/6 [onewayness + dRachEmUsiK only]
Lakewood, OH - Mahall's Locker Room
w/ Spires That in the Sunset Rise, Magic Murder Bag

WED 9/7 9PM [onewayness + dRachEmUsiK only]
Erie, PA - WERG-FM
'Fazed Cookies' radio show - live performance

WED 9/7 10PM [Human Flux + friends w/s/g Charles Shriner]
Erie, PA - Jekyll & Hyde's

THUR 9/8 [onewayness + dRachEmUsiK only]
Erie, PA - The Brewerie At Union Station
Arts & Drafts Festival

FRI-SUN 9/9-11
Huguenot, NY - Greenkill Events Center
Electro-music 2016
[Schedule includes solo sets from onewayness (Fri), dRachEmUsiK (Fri), Modulator ESP (Sun); duo sets from onewayness + Modulator ESP (Fri), onewayness + dRachEmUsiK (Sun); Adventures In Sound collaboration led by Jez (Sat), Hypogeum collaboration led by Adam (Sat), Touring seminar led by Adam (Sun)]

MON 9/12
New Paltz, NY - My Life in the Bush of Ghosts
w/ Andrew Sblendorio, Spreaders, Matt Luczak, Mahatmax

TUE 9/13
Pomona, NJ - WLFR-FM
Digital Dreams radio show - *5 HR* live performance 10PM-3AM EDT /

WED 9/14
Newburgh, NY - House Concert
'Wired Wednesday' series hosted by Neil Nail Alexander

THUR 9/15 6PM
Allentown, PA - Good Weeknd
w/ Tape Monster, Dialknight

THUR 9/15 11PM
Bethlehem, PA - WDIY-FM
Galactic Travels radio show - live performance

FRI 9/16 8PM
Titusville, NJ - UU Church at Washington Crossing
'Cosmic Crossings' series hosted by The Cosmic Crossings Concert Series

SAT 9/17 12AM (Friday late night)
Princeton, NJ - WPRB-FM
Music With Space radio show - live performance /

SAT 9/17 8PM [Modulator ESP only]
Philadelphia, PA - St. Marys Hamilton Village
'The Gatherings' concert series
w/ Jason. Sloan

SUN 9/18 1AM (Saturday late night)
Philadelphia, PA - WXPN-FM
Star's End Radio show - *5 HR* live performance 1AM - 6AM EDT


Finally, work continues to continue in fits and starts on the next solo record.  Shifting priorities are a thing.  It's coming, I promise.  

Thanks as always for listening.  Keep an eye on for the latest, feel free to stay in touch on Facebook / Twitter /Instagram (where I update far more often) to see where I am and what I'm up to.  Be safe.  Be sweet.  Goodnight, ladies.

Love & Oscillators,

The Road Ahead

Hi friends!

A solid New Year's resolution is to not apologize for getting behind on updates. I'm not so much late for the Year in Review, as I am just… VERY on top of summer.

So, let’s take 2015 as read, shall we? Good? Good.

Here are things you should know about.


Back around the first of the year, Charles (dRachEmUsiK) & I released A Picture of the Sky, the third and last of the EP’s of our 2014 live improvisations. A few remain of the super nifty handmade art edition CDr’s, or of course you can get it digitally. Check it out HERE.

Johnny James and the Indeterminates is a new collaboration between me and a bunch of veteran Erie underground scene friends, and the improv noise-rock alter ego/reincarnation of the sadly-defunct Johnny James and the Absolutes. We first got together last fall as a one-off for a local gig with some touring bands from Japan, and then in typical fashion, we decided to keep it. We’ve played four or five gigs, in Erie and Pittsburgh, and we also spent a couple nights in the studio. The highlights of which we’ve released as Cacophony Abstracto, which you can check out HERE.

A couple of cool things coming up…



For a few years at the electro-music festival, I had an ongoing collaboration called Sound of Listening, which each year gathered a different group of people I’d never played with, with the aim of being spontaneously minimal.  2014’s edition consisted of myself, John Morley (Lux Seeker), Aaron Todd (Genetique), and Joe Wall (Joe Wall), and…  we GOT it.  To such an extent that we decided we needed to name this thing and do it again next year.

(I sense a recurring theme in my life…)

We’ve called ourselves Hypogeum.  And at electro-music 2015, we tried it again, and got a very different result that we were (thankfully) equally pleased with.  So, we’re releasing a live document of these two performances, entitled Anticline.  Which is being released digitally by the Ethereal Live netlabel (who also released Astral Bridges last year for me and Jez), and also in a limited-run screenprinted CDr edition by my Onomastic label.  Real soon.  Any day now.  Watch this space.

Also… DC-area friend Jason Mullinax put out a very cool album last year called Home World.  He’s invited several artists to remix tracks from that record, including myself, Chester Hawkins, Chris Videll and lots of others, and is releasing the results as System Restore:  Home World Misremembered.  Jason is premiering the release this Sunday with our friends The Irrelevant Show on WMUC (College Park, MD).  Details on the radio release party are HERE.


Next week, I'll be heading out to Charles Shriner's studio in Indianapolis to work on the next onewayness + dRachEmUsiK collaboration.  This will be our third full-length collaboration, following The Sound of Thunder in 2012, and Immeasurable in 2014.  It’s now about a year after we’d initially planned to get together for this, but life’s intervened for both of us.  So, we’re very excited to get to work, and feeling positive about the initial directions things seem to be taking.

No major extended touring plans for the spring & early summer, but I’ve got a couple little micro-jaunts.  I’m heading back to Canada, for shows in Guelph and Toronto the weekend of April 30-May 1, and to Philadelphia to play the Event Horizon series at the Rotunda the first weekend in June.  (And still waiting on some additional possibilities for that trip.)

And of course, there are cool local things happening here in Erie.  My electroFLUX experimental music series has struck up a good relationship with Erie Ale Works to do interesting shows there, about monthlyish.  We’ve got Bonnie Kane and Dei Xhrist this Thursday 3/31, Chatoyant and Jack Wright on April 13, and An Atomic Whirl from Japan on May 7.  And always interesting local artists on those shows, which often, but not always, includes me in one  configuration or another.  And beer!  And food trucks.  It’s like your buddy’s super-awesome garage.  Come hang.  Oh, and stop by to see what’s up next.


And finally, work continues in fits and starts on the next solo record.  Which, I’ll tell you is going to be called Random Oracle.  You heard it here first.  And the plan is to have it out before 2016 is through.  I mean it.

Thanks as always for listening.  Keep an eye on for the latest, feel free to stay in touch on Facebook / Twitter / Instagram to see where I am and what I'm up to, and hope to see you all soon.

Love & Oscillators,


Summer Plans

Hi everyone. 

Been quiet here on the blog, because I've been busy out in the world, I hope you understand. Made it home in one piece from last week's little Midwestern tour, which I think was a great success. Saw lots of old friends, made lots of new ones, had one of my favorite gigs ever in St. Louis, and played some nice sets all around. 

Lots in the works at the moment - I'm prepping a new piece for the Kutztown Univ. Computer Music & Visualization Conference next week.  This is a cool event being put on by electro-music friend Dale Parson in the Kutztown Planetarium, which will have video artists projecting on the big dome, and 5.1 surround sound. So, I'm trying to work up something that will make the most of the spatial capabilities of the place.

Also working on preparations for the next live film scoring event with my group Celluloid Liberation Orchestra, which is a week later on the 19th.  We played the first two installments of the 20s French crime serial Fantômas over the winter. This will be the third, with parts 4&5 to follow later in the summer. Trying to do the whole series with the same lineup before guitarist Jack Rys heads off to college in the fall. It's sort of a 'composed improv' process, with some recurring motifs, and text cues (written by me) indicating key and overall vibe of individual sections.

This week also, we're kicking things off at a new space for experimental shows in Erie, the Erie Ale Works.  They're the newest and tiniest of Erie's craft breweries, and they have a cool funky little raw industrial warehouse-type space that I think will be a lot of fun. Co-owner Steve is a fellow weirdo who's been supportive of the events I've been putting on, and came to me with the idea of using their space, and we're all pretty excited about it. Our first show is this Sunday the 7th, with touring friends Spreaders and Matt Luczak, myself, and local friends Wave Trails. And then later in the summer, we'll have my old pals Pas Musique there. Which will be extra nice, as they haven't been to Erie since the very first show I put on back in 2012.

And there's much more, but that'll do for now. Stay tuned!


'Blue Star Is Freezing' Clearance Offer

So, I've found myself with way too many copies on hand of my first cd Blue Star Is Freezing, so I'm putting them on sale. 


Through the end of the month, you can go to and use the code 'bluestar' at checkout to get it for 40% off the regular price, which comes out to just under 5 bucks, plus shipping. And I'll put it in an envelope and someone will bring it to your house. Ain't technology wonderful?

Live Archive

For those of you who didn't know or never noticed, I have a bunch of archival live recordings over at They're of varying quality, but all free to download.  Go nuts.

Here's one of my favorites, a recording of my set from the MEME festival in Indianapolis from August of last year.  

A new review...

A lovely review of Immeasurable is up now at Hypnagogue Reviews, which you can read in full here.


Many thanks as always to John Shanahan for his attentive ears and kind words.

In other Immeasurable news, the album was also selected by Star's End Ambient Radio as one of its "Significant Releases of 2014", so thanks also to Chuck Van Zyl for his continued support. You can peruse the full list here

This is a release Charles and I were really proud of, so we're pleased to see it resonating with people. We still have some more live recordings from last year to set loose, and then we're looking forward to getting back in the studio later in the spring to work on our next collaboration.

A new look...

Hi all, and welcome to the new and improved It's a work in progress, but looks nice for now I think.

Very excited to be heading out to the west coast in a few weeks with Charles Shriner (dRachEmUsiK). We'll be playing the inaugural San Francisco Fog Music Festival, which is being organized by our friend Jack Hertz.


Wednesday the 28th, Charles plays a solo set. Thursday the 29th, I play a solo set (and Charles has a separate gig at the Luggage Store Gallery). Friday the 30th, we play a duo set. Saturday the 31st, we're heading down the coast to Santa Cruz to play a very cool looking venue called the Art Bar, and then Sunday we're doing a live radio performance that I don't have all the details of yet. Will be my first time attempting to fly with gear, which is a little intimidating. But should be a fun trip. Watch this space for updates!